5 Habits of Successful People (learned in running)

When I watch my friends huffing it up a hill at a solid 9 minute pace with a 50lb jogging stroller, I think: superhuman.

When I catch my friend grabbing her knees with a goofy grin after completing that first 12 minute running only mile, I think: superhuman.

When I see a friend whose day is jammed with shuttling kids to soccer, meetings and chores, squeeze in marathon training, I think: superhuman


1. above or beyond what is human; having a higher nature or greater powers than humans have

2. exceeding ordinary human power, achievement, experience, etc.: a superhuman effort.

Just because we’re often drawn to running for the calorie burn, doesn’t negate the fact that it fundamentally changes us. You can’t put in the miles day after day without finding that your entire life has been transformed. You’re no longer average, no matter how hard you might try.

Suddenly things that once seemed out of reach become possible and before you know it, friends start askinghow are you doing it?!

5 Habits of Successful People

I know, I know, your knees are bad, you’re too old, you’re too busy, it’s too boring. I’ve heard your reasons and that’s ok, you don’t need to run to take advantage of what us mile loggers know.

Here are 5 things everyone should steal from runners if you’re ready to become superhuman too!

secrets of runners

#1 Time Management

Your average person will skip exercise frequently because life is too busy.

Superhumans climb out of bed before that rooster even considers crowing to get in their miles. They’ve showered, slurped down a green smoothie and prepared for the day before the rest of the household has fully risen.

Or they’ve tried the early morning routine and realized it left them drained, but instead of using it as an excuse they sought out new options. While their peers cram a greasy sandwich down their throats sitting at their desk, this superhuman has slipped into uniform, headed out for a quick lunch and made it back in time to enjoy their own sandwich stacked with avocado.

Superhumans know that planning, prioritizing and choosing the run improves everything, so they make it happen.

Tasks are done quicker, non-important tasks are delegated and when they’re at work…gasp they focus on work instead of Facebook, so they can get out and enjoy the things they love. In fact, science even says it makes us better employees!

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Source: TheStar.com

#2 Pride in Effort

Your average person will see workouts as good or bad, no in between. And of course a bad workout is a great reason to skip ever doing something again or to mope about it for the rest of the day.

Superhumans know that even painful from the get go runs, can impart a feeling of pride because you showed up, you continued and you did the hard thing.

It’s not always the results that matter, but simply the doing. By continuing to choose this rugged path, each day there’s a mental strength gained which translates into other areas.

Suddenly a presentation that bombs isn’t quite so catastrophic, it’s just one of those things that happens which we can learn from. The amazing photo you had to try 10 times to get and then achieves no response on Instagram is another ahh well that’s life, I’m still glad I did it.

Superhumans know that

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#3 Enjoying Food for Fuel and Fun

Your average person will count calories for days, feel deprived and decide to throw it all away with a deep dish pizza followed by three years of ice cream.

Superhumans understand there’s a middle ground between watching what you eat to maintain health and grabbing the pink frosted donut with unicorn sprinkles simply because it brings a smile to your face.

Instead of going in to the all or nothing mindset or hoping on the latest greatest diet bandwagon, they learn how to enjoy the kale smoothie for all the benefits it provides and the Friday night pizza because it just makes them happy.

Maybe they’ve even chosen to start making that pizza at home with a cauliflower crust and dairy free cheese, which is going to provide the perfect fuel for their Saturday morning run…after which they can enjoy that crazy Starbucks Unicorn drink with friends and not an ounce of guilt.

Superhumans know that eating well ensures clearer thinking, sharper vision, faster recovery and better runs. They don’t think of it as a diet or a punishment to take away their favorite foods.

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#4 Embracing the Weather

Your average person will hunker down under blankets to get through winter mornings and rush inside during the heat of the summer days for some icy A/C.

Superhumans know that the body will adjust and in fact heading out in the crisp cool winter air activates brown fat for faster fat burning which will keep them lean and healthy. They know that there’s beauty in the silence of a freshly fallen snow, enjoyment in the salt caked face of a hot mid-day run and sweetness in being the first to see the new spring wildflowers on a trail.

We’ve become so accustomed to keeping ourselves at the same temperature all the time, we’ve forgotten that our ancestors and bodies are indeed built for seasons. It’s why we crave hearty soups in the winter and light salads in the summer. Giving your body a chance to enjoy each changing temperature might just ward off illness and keep you slimmer without ever counting a calorie.

Superhumans show up because the weather is insane knowing that it will make them stronger.

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#5 Comfort in Discomfort

Your average person will quit when faced with the discomfort of pushing their boundaries. If you want to change, you’ve got to find a way to learn to love the discomfort that comes along with it.

Superhumans know about runner’s high. Welcome to the wonderful world of endorphins: “morphine produced naturally in the body.” Our hours on the road create this feel good substance which can dull or eliminate pain by coating the receiving end of the synapses in the brain that would otherwise receive pain signals from the rest of your body.

But it’s not just about drugging our brains. It’s about learning in new areas, new places and finding a strength we previously weren’t aware existed. You aren’t obliged to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago, but if you want more superhumans know you have to be willing to embrace a little discomfort.

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One of the best things about striving for your superhuman life is the way it inspires others. No grand speeches needed, just you, your running shoes and commitment. You begin to radiate a sense of purpose and calm that others want, but can’t seem to figure out how to achieve.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it also doesn’t require anything from you other than showing up. Your superhuman powers are ready and waiting, no cape or speedy senses required.

What could a non-runner learn from you?

Where else has running made you a superhuman?

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