Brock Purdy mania sweeps across Bay Area sports world: ‘A magical run’

When rooting for them San Francisco 49ers, famous Bay Area sports figures take different approaches.

Dusty Baker roots for the 49ers from his couch the same way he manages his Houston Astros from the top step of the dugout — inwardly intense, outwardly Chill City. Tara VanDerveer screams at the 49ers through her TV screen, admitting, “I yell at everything, I’m a horrible fan.” London Breed, an honorary member of this exclusive 49ers’ sporting support group because she’s the mayor of San Francisco, screams in anger at the blind refs and the dirty players on the opposing team, but never at her beloved 49ers.

Regardless of their different cheering styles, though, all these folks are swept up in Purdymania. The 49ers have won 12 games in a row, and a rookie quarterback Brock Purdy has won all seven games he has started, a mind-boggling run.

To gauge the fervor and fever being stirred up by the 49ers and Purdy, I made some calls to a random sampling of dignitaries. Takeaway: They’re all in, heart and soul. The 49ers are their family, Purdy is their genius child.

“It feels like we’re all kind of in this together,” Giants’ manager Gabe Kapler said. “The whole Faithful to the Bay hashtag, that’s meaningful, I personally believe in it.”

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