NBA draft buzz: Intriguing prospects to follow at Phil Knight Invitational

A huge contingent of NBA executives and scouts will descend on Portland this week for the Nike-sponsored PK85 tournament. This year’s primary early-season college basketball extravaganza includes 16 teams, two different brackets in honor of company founder Phil Knight’s 85th birthday and, naturally, a wealth of future NBA players who will have a say in … Read more

WBD’s Zaslav Issues Shareholder Warning as He Pursues NBA Deal –

Warner Bros. Discovery (NASDAQ: WBD) CEO David Zaslav recently made headlines when he told attendees at an RBC investor conference that the media giant did not “have to have the NBA” when its current rights agreement with the league expires following the 2024-25 season. Most media observers believe the chief executive was posturing, negotiating the … Read more

The birthplace of basketball analytics: Before the chaos of NBA Twitter, one message board quietly kicked off a stats revolution

Back in the early 2000s, Dean Oliver was sitting at his computer. Oliver, who is the creator of the “Four Factors of Basketball Success” and considered one of the godfathers of NBA analytics, was searching for others who shared his same interest in applying statistical analysis to basketball. He had seen Bill James revolutionizing baseball … Read more

Kyrie Irving is back, and here’s why history tells us that’s actually bad news for the Nets

Kyrie Irving has returned from suspension. Ben Simmons has mustered three consecutive games that echo his past excellence. And Kevin Durant continues to be Kevin Durant, a transcendent scoring machine averaging more than 30 points per game who’s finally free of the head coach he tried to force out over the summer. But don’t fall … Read more