Constructing the Houston Astros Dream Lineup in 2023

The Houston Astros have a problem. It’s a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. How do you construct a lineup for a team as deep as this one, all the while ensuring your best bats get the most possible plate appearances?

They won the World Series last season, but their lineup is even deeper for 2023 with the addition of Jose Abreu and the return of Michael Brantley.

When Uncle Mike came back, we penned a piece on who should bat second: Brantley or reigning ALCS and World Series MVP, Jeremy Peña. In hindsight, the answer to that question is neither.

If Dusty Baker hopes to roll out the best lineup night in and night out in 2023, barring injury of course, this should be the lineup:

1) 2B Jose Altuve
2) 3B Alex Bregman
3) RF Kyle Tucker
4) LF Yordan Alvarez
5) 1B Jose Abreu
6) SS Jeremy Peña
7) DH Michael Brantley
8) CF Chas McCormick
9) C Martín Maldonado

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