Get to Know the NBA Player’s Beloved Late Mother Andrea and 3 Brothers

In addition to being a father of four, NBA player Tristan Thompson grew up with a close and loving family. Keep reading for details on his parents and brothers.

Who Are Tristan Thompson’s Parents?

Tristan was born in Brampton, Ontario, to Trevor Thompson, a truck driver, and his wife Andrea, a retired school bus driver.

The former Cleveland Cavalier player’s beloved mother reportedly died on January 5, 2023, following a sudden heart attack, according to multiple outlets. Tristan was incredibly close to his mother and shared a rare photo of her holding his daughter True Thompsonwhom he shares with ex-fiancé Khloe Kardashian, in an August 2019 Instagram post. He captioned the snapshot, “GiGi and baby True,” referring to her nickname as a proud grandmother.

Tristan praised his mom for everything she did to help him become an NBA star in an April 1, 2018, Instagram post. Next to a loving photo of the pair, he wrote, “Happy birthday to my mommy! Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you have made for me and our family! Watching your hard work and dedication for our family is what made me the man I am today! I love you so much and enjoy your day MOMMY!”

Tristan Thompson Mom family

Tristan Thompson Mom family

Andrea recognized Tristan’s talent when he was 10 years old and drove him to games throughout Canada while he was growing up so he could pursue his NBA dreams.

In an open letter to the Toronto Star after Tristan was drafted by the Cavs in 2011, Andrea wrote, “That was my son, Tristan Thompson, putting on the cap of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team Thursday night, shaking the hand of commissioner David Stern, doing just what he told me he would when he was just 10 years old.”

Andrea gushed about where Tristan got his work ethic. “I guess he watched his mom and dad. Trevor is a truck driver. I drive a school bus. We work hard. In life you have to work hard to receive your blessing, everybody knows that. I never had it easy as a child . I didn’t have to tell Tristan anything to empower him. Tristan saw us always working hard, and he wanted to get ahead,” she explained.

Who Are Tristan Thompson’s Siblings?

Tristan has three younger brothers, Dishawn, Daniel, and Amari. “I’m like the big daddy with all of them!” Tristan shared in an article on the Cavaliers website in 2016. “I have to make sure I hold them accountable. If my mom texts me and lets me know if they’re acting up, I’m going to shoot them a text, because I know what their weaknesses are. So, they either get in line or there’s gonna be repercussions.”

While Dishawn was once an aspiring college basketball player, Tristan has been the most protective of Amari, who suffers from epilepsy and has seizures on an almost daily basis. He started the Amari Thompson Fund in 2013, holding fundraisers and other events to raise money and awareness of the neurological disorder.

“What makes (Amari) special, is just his fight – especially a kid his age, being able to go through what he goes through,” Tristan shared n the article, “He continues to fight and always be in high spirits. So, for me, as the older brother and kind of the pioneer of the familyI think it’s just my job to be able to provide and do whatever it takes – not just for Amari, but for my other brothers just to be happy and comfortable.”

Who Are Tristan Thompson’s Children?

Tristan welcomed his first child, son Prince Oliver, with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig in December 2016. He has two children Khloé. Daughter True was born in April 2018 and the duo welcomed a son via surrogate in July 2022. He has a third son, Theowith a personal trainer Maralee Nichols who was born in December 2021.

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