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From Willo aka “Wheels” on facebook:

Hi Brewhouse Bikes Family!
As many of you have seen, over the past few days we have been swapping over the Growler Bikes logos to the Brewhouse Bikes logos. Many of you have been asking, what’s going on?
Well, the quick answer is a lot of amazing things are happening and those things will only improve owning a Growler Bike! Yes, I’m still involved and will be around for many, many years to come. Over the next few days I will be posting daily a 4 part series updating and explaining all the new changes within Brewhouse Bikes and Growler Bikes and what to expect in the future.

To kick off this 4-part series let’s start with “Who is Brewhouse Bikes and what should we expect from them.
“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been” – Maya Angelou.
I love this quote. I always think about this when I have to make big decisions for Growler Bikes.
Let’s talk a little bit about our history before we talk about the amazing things coming. It will give you a little insight into why we decided to make the move we have.

In 2015, I founded Growler Bikes to be a bicycle company unlike anything we have ever seen before. Growler started in my garage then we went crazy and moved into a humble 1200 sqft warehouse, boot strapping together a dream that no one thought was possible. Over the next 7 years, I, along with an amazing group of passionate cyclists, grew Growler Bikes into one of the most popular American made bicycle brands in America. A company known for its amazing customer service and amazing custom-brewed bikes. We wanted to deliver high-performance, custom-brewed bikes and ship these amazing bikes directly to your door. Although the Growler team might have made this look easy, I promise you it was anything but easy. For the next 7 years, Growler Bikes battled and grew into a multi-million dollar company shipping bikes all over the world.

Growler got to a point where I had to make a decision of what I wanted from Growler. Do I keep my original vision of a bicycle company that had a special connection to the community, or do I sell out and go commercial?
Over the years, Growler has had many offers to be bought out, but all of these offers to buy Growler didn’t have the same vision I had. They just saw the money and really didn’t care about the community. That all changed in the Spring of 2022. A friend, Growler Mr. Big Stuff owner and investor of mine, Brian Cook messaged me out of the blue. He was curious about Growler and where we were headed. More importantly, he was the person who asked the most important question to me, which was “Wheels, what do you want to see Growler become?” So, in true Growler fashion, we hung out and had a couple of IPA’s and spent the next few hours talking about what I hope to see from Growler. By the end of those beers Brian was excited and wanted to get involved. Him and I believed that together with the right team and some additional resources we could lead Growler into the future and continue to change the bicycle industry for the better. In order to make Brewhouse Bikes the next generation of Growler Bikes, we needed a very special group of experts. Each member was handpicked because of their experience, vision, and passion for cycling. Who are these people and how are they going to help?

Rick Amering, CEO
Let me start out by welcoming Brewhouse Bikes CEO, Rick Amering. I have known Rick for over 20 years. Rick was one of the fellas sitting across the table from me pouring a beer when I
blurted out for the first time the words Growler Bikes. He was one of the first supporters of Growler Bikes and is one of the reasons why my vision of Growler Bikes even got off the ground. Many of you will recognize him as he has volunteered to help me at many of the events we have hosted over the years. The good news back then was that he worked for beer and bikes. He brings to the table years of experience evaluating businesses and developing analytically based models that deliver success. Brewhouse Bikes will be in very good hands.

Dee Dippel, COO
The things in the works for Brewhouse Bikes and our vision are huge. We needed someone who could manage the incredibly difficult aspect of operations and manufacturing. Dee Dippel was our guy. Dee has years of experience in the cycling industry owning one of Western New York’s best bike shops, Loud Performance in Bemus Point, NY. Dee embodies what Brewhouse Bikes is and had already created the very unique experience we wanted from Brewhouse Bikes at Loud Performance. Community, Bikes, Beers! Dee joins Brewhouse bikes and will take over COO role.

Willo Glynn, Community Relations and Visionary
From the very beginning, I always knew that the most important aspect of cycling was not the bicycles but the people riding them. With the help of the new team, my focus will be to deliver
the most amazing experience you’ve ever had owning a bicycle. I wanted to bring Growler back to the community and share my passion for what we do and who we are. That’s where the new name Brewhouse Bikes came from. When many great people come together to enjoy amazingly brewed beers, they go to the brewhouse. We will be bringing amazing bikes and enjoying them with amazing people, Brewhouse Bikes. This is a very big task so the first thing I did was find an amazing Regional Field Marketing Coordinator that will bring the Brewhouse Experience to the community.

Nick Mattice, Regional Field Marketing Coordinator
Please welcome Nick Mattice to the Brewhouse Team. Nick is an avid MTB enthusiast who has spent many years volunteering in AFTA (Adirondack Foothills Trails Association) and helping to
building the amazing trail system they now have. As for Brewhouse Bikes, Nick’s entire purpose is to spread his joy for cycling with anyone who wants to ride and be a part of the community. He will be the main person in the field putting on events such as group rides, skills clinics, on and off-road cycling races, trail days, charity opportunities, along with many other community related activities. So, if you ever wanted to see something or have an idea for an event, please feel free to reach out [email protected]

Tune in over the next few days to learn about what’s going to happen to Growler Bikes.

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