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We’ve entered the boredom phase of the January window and we’re only at the 9th.

Shaktar want £400b for Mudryk.

Atleti want £210m for Felix.

What a drag.

It’s quite incredible how all these broke clubs can be out here playing hardball as we head into a global recession, but here we are.

What else is boring?

Every journalist over the age of 55 that has glowingly documented Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Klopp, and Alex Ferguson bringing maximum passion to the touchlines… is going all tone police on Arteta.

Richard Keys, who famously didn’t watch his tone when the mic was hot, and was fired by Sky… thinks Mikel Arteta is dragging the name of Arsenal.

Is he having a laugh?

We’ve spent the last 15 years getting absolutely bullied as a club by the media, opposition players, and rival fans. Mikel Arteta has taken the brand of Arsenal back to where it should be: On the lips of fans all over the world.

What you don’t realize when you are a fan is that there is a pecking order among journalists. They know the line of fire before press conferences, there’s a leader who gets to go before others, and it’s all very choreographed… which is why a lot of it can be really, really boring.

It is not a coincidence that all the establishment journalists have suddenly decided that the manager they were calling a joke 18 months ago, has crossed the line because of some light handbags with Eddie Howe. Where was this energy for Tuchel and Conte at the beginning of the season? Didn’t we all just brush it off as totally awesome?

People don’t like that Arteta has Arsenal challenging dire opinions of Arsenal and people HATE that we’re going to be a nuisance for the next 5 years.

Drink up the tears, we’ve been extremely parched when it comes to this sort of relevance.

Back to the transfers, it was interesting to read that Benfica said Chelsea said they’d pay the Enzo release, now they want to negotiate. This is the Benfica coach.

“They’re disrespectful, they’re leaving the player crazy. They acted like they wanted to pay clause… then want to negotiate”

They aren’t interested in Mudryk, they are interested in making Arsenal pay a huge fee, hoping we’ll panic and raise the cash.

My guess? Arsenal will walk away from the deal and something will happen.

You simply cannot keep a player against their will in 2023. He’s wanted out since the summer. His options have climbed from Brentford to Arsenal. If Shaktar turns down £50m for him, there could be a HUGE sulk from Mudryk that could affect their season, and worse, crash the value of the player.

They need money, they know how to squeeze big clubs, and it’s not a shock they are playing these silly games… but in the end, you have to cave to football realities. Money is good, uncertainty is not, sad players are BAD news.

Did you think the bench STUNK the other night? I did. Turns out, Mikel has a bit of a pattern when it comes to making sure his weakest benches come during the most prosperous times to sign players.

Coincidence? If I speak…

Cheslea were beaten AGAIN, this time by City. it was 1-0. I don’t think they were that terrible. Kepa was disastrous letting the ball slide past him, not seeming to realize someone was coming in at the back post. Auba came on after 5 minutes and had to suffer the ignominy of being subbed off at 80 minutes after doing nothing for… Omari Hutchinson. That was clearly Potter signaling to his own board that he doesn’t have the talent he needs. Sad times for the young man.

Poor old Potter, getting the same treatment as Arteta, from a set of fans that still believe you can just get on the blower to Mourinho, spend 50m, and be winning CL trophies.

Arsenal launched the next phase of their NO MORE RED campaign. It’s a brilliant idea to highlight the sad loss of life we ​​see in London to stabbings.

adidas and Arsenal remain steadfast in their long-term commitment to create safe spaces for young people to play sport in the capital, provide better access to trusted role models, and shine a light on talented individuals who are making a positive difference in their community .’

I love the idea that you have to earn the shirt. If you want to get more info, go to the .com here.

Ok, shorter one today, Johnny posted the first Patreon of the year. It’s a rap. It’s really good. You need to get it early RIGHT NOW.

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