MLB fans debate what the future holds for Cy Young pitcher Trevor Bauer

The day has come for the Los Angeles Dodgers to decide whether they plan to hold on to Trevor Bauer or let him go. Bauer is a Cy Young award winner and a former All-Star, but there are many factors involved in this decision.

Bauer’s image has been destroyed by the media after being accused of sexual assault by numerous women. He has disputed the allegations and is fighting the charges. Whether the Dodgers retain Bauer or not, they will still owe him $22.5 million that is remaining on his contract.

Dodgers have to decide today whether to reinstate Trevor Bauer to their 40-man. Expectation for weeks has been that they would let him go, but there are a lot of factors to weigh. Here’s a…

MLB fans took to Twitter to debate what the future holds for a player who was considered one of the league’s elite pitchers in his prime. At 31-year-old Bauer is still relatively young. While many teams will hesitate to sign the problematic right-hander, others may be willing to take a chance on him.

@JonHeyman 2nd chance, should be a few teams to show interest

@JonHeyman If the Dodgers wanted to release him they would have already. Now they’re in discussions in signing known wife abuser Aroldis Chapman. Disgusting and morally bankrupt organization.

@JonHeyman Cut the bum, eat the money. Let some other franchise sign him

@JonHeyman Dodgers could put him on 40 man roster and decide to trade at a later date…

Bauer has not played a game since June 28, 2021. He was handed the longest suspension in baseball (324 games) under the league’s domestic violence and sexual abuse policy. Since appealing the suspension, Bauer has been reinstated to the league.

Bauer’s talent is there for all to see. At his peak, he was considered one of the league’s elite pitchers.

He was selected for his first All-Star game in 2018. That season, he finished with a 12-6 win-loss record and an impressive 2.21 ERA. In 2020, during the shortened COVID-19 season, he finished with a 1.73 ERA and a .79 WHIP for the Cincinnati Reds.

Trevor Bauer’s future with the Los Angeles Dodgers remains unclear

Trevor Bauer throws the first pitch in the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium.Los Angeles Dodgers were to release him, a team could sign him for the league minimum salary of $720,000.

@JonHeyman Could see him being cut and signed to a 1-2 year deal on a non contender. Then they traded him at the deadline for a haul.

@JonHeyman Cut him and Jays grow a pair and sign him.

Trevor Bauer, however, would be a public relations nightmare for any club willing to sign him. Teams will most likely receive a heavy backlash from their fanbase for picking the controversial player. Bauer has a history of problematic behavior in the MLB and that will likely put teams off.

The Dodgers will have to make a decision by Friday. The organization has the funds to release a player of Bauer’s caliber. Whether any other team in the league takes a gamble on him remains to be seen.

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