NASCAR Championship Cities We Want to Watch This Year

Every year, we are gifted many incredible races in the NASCAR schedule. Therefore, we expect non-stop action throughout 2023. In that case, we’re looking forward to unending excitement from the various races lined up for the year. We can’t wait to kickstart the year and enjoy the various races that await us.

The schedule is out, and we can start planning our year. As a result, we can also get ready to make NASCAR picks. It would be tricky this year because we expect the drivers to come out ready and sure after how 2022 turned out to be and the mistakes many players made. In that case, it won’t be easy to predict.

Last championship, Joey Logano shocked the world to win the series. This year, we know that he is one of the favorites, but other drivers are also getting ready to avoid mistakes so that they can win the competition. They would have learned from their mistakes. Therefore, it won’t be easy for the defending champion.

As we look forward to the beginning of the year’s schedule, we want to check out some of the races lined up for the year that we anticipate. We are ready to take on the year. Undoubtedly, it would be a fun-filled, incredible year with enough excitement from start to finish. So, let’s check out the cities hosting different races without wasting time.


One of the most popular races is the Daytona 500, which takes place at the Daytona International Speedway, and it is one of the most exciting places to visit. As a result, we are looking forward to enjoying this exciting event, and it is one of the earliest races that would spark up the entire year and set the tone for other events.


We always look forward to NASCAR coming to Charlotte. It is a different kind of atmosphere at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The excitement is always on another level, with most of the fans getting ready to enjoy the Coca-Cola 600. This year, we know it would be better than the last, and we don’t want to miss it for anything.


Another race in our view is the Drydene 400, taking place at the Dover Motor Speedway in Delaware. We are ready for the actions in Dover. It would be exciting to see how the drivers will set up for the event. It won’t be easy because the excitement will continue from time to time, and we would be ready to see how incredible it gets.


We also have Kansas as part of our schedule for the year. As NASCAR gets ready to happen in the city, we would also be there to experience the intense race that would involve some of the best drivers in the division. It won’t be easy to predict, and as a result, we would enjoy an incredible experience that is second to none.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is also part of the NASCAR Cup Series schedule for the year. Therefore, we are in for an action-packed season with exciting moments. It would be easy for us to enjoy the event as the races get closer. It would be great to watch the drivers battle to win one of the craziest races of the year.


We all know Richmond has something for us every year. It is always exciting to watch. The city is home to one of the best motor speedways in the country, and as a result, we are looking forward to an incredible race coming up in Richmond. This year, it will be action-packed, and the best drivers will always deliver.


In Martinsville, we’re expecting multiple races this year. The city will give us incredible events that would come with top-notch moments. It won’t be easy because the excitement will be different. We can always expect more from the Martinsville Speedway. It remains one of our top picks as it has never disappointed.


Another city in our view is Darlington, home to the Darlington Raceway, which would host multiple NASCAR events. We look forward to the action and excitement that would come out of the races in this city. We can tell that the races would be riddled with drama, making it more exciting for fans and other stakeholders. As a result, it is one that we don’t want to miss.

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