The W in Designer: Exploring Athlete Image in the Off-Season (Part II) –

In the middle of an ongoing exploration of how WNBA players are redefining ideas around an athlete’s image, it’s important to take a break! The frequency of player announcements occurs at an exciting, rapid pace, but focusing on certain deals can reveal larger meanings and movements that may shape the upcoming season. Featuring insights from industry professionals, discovering new connections, style expressions, image additions in Han Xu‘s recent brand partnerships, Diamond DeShields‘ feature for Notre’s “Our Friend” seriesand Destanni Henderson becoming an ambassador for Moolah Kicks.

As the first Chinese woman drafted to the WNBA in 22 years, Han Xu has an undeniable resonance with an international audience. Represented by Wassermana “culture-centric” agency, Han navigates her deals with a team that includes Lindsay Colas, Executive Vice President of Talent Representation, and Bo Hu, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development in China. Apart from commending Han’s incredible basketball skills, the Wasserman team notes the significance of her victories at key competitions on domestic and international courts: “Now, more Chinese players want to follow in Han’s footsteps and compete at the highest level of women’s basketball. We expect to see more Chinese players in the WNBA soon, especially given the Chinese national team’s silver medal at the FIBA ​​women’s World Cup.”

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