The W in Designer: The Organic Charisma of DiDi Richards –

Equipped with nails and lashes, the resilient New York Liberty Player talks about bringing the hardest game she can.

Every fly girl in New York City should keep their eyes on Dee Dee Richards, who just completed her second year as a guard for the Liberty. Richards balances the regular craziness of being a “baddie” in the city with her rising basketball career, where she’s experienced multiple injuries with devastatingly long recovery times. Although fans of the player with a “Power Puffs” hairstyle anticipated her second season, Richards’ courtside presence provided a unique introduction to the player– while closely studying her team’s moves, she debuted a number of colorful, chic outfits. Once Richards recovered from a hamstring injury in June, she could be spotted running up and down the court with her signature curly hair, long lashes, and manicured nails.

After practice with the New York Liberty, Richards chatted with me over Zoom in the team’s locker room. Wiping her sweat with a towel in between answers, I was impressed by her ‘Energizer Bunny’ personality and how naturally bubbly Richards really is. To get acquainted, I compliment Richards on her impressive pre-game outfits, which are frequently featured by LeagueFits and GQ Sportsand she shouts out her stylist Sydney Bordonaro. Collaborating on looks like Richards’ courtside magenta necktie, Richards’ sports star image is a crossover between being a serious, resilient athlete and being a contemporary hot girl. Apart from the constant upkeep of fly nails and lashes, I’m excited to learn about how Richards manages to be the hardest player that she can and look good while doing it.

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